• Identify what materials and design features are vital to the character of your area
  • Share ideas and photographs of features and elements liked by the group
  • Draw together what your group would like the buildings/houses in any new development to ultimately look like


  • Identifying what makes your area unique using our ‘5 essential qualities of place’ matrix
  • Finding and rating local building/house types
  • Identifying local building elements and materials


You’ll need to brief people in advance of the workshop to gather photos and come prepared with ideas.

Look out for this icon to see which activities need preparation.

Things you will need

  • Paper for people to write on individually
  • An A1 board/flip chart to write collated opinions
  • Pin-board or large area of wall to create image clusters
  • Laptop, projector and screen to show images (optional)
  • Sign-in sheet

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3a Defining the 5 Essential Qualities of Place
3b Finding and Rating Local Building/House Types
3c Identifying Local Building Elements and Materials

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