• Bring the community together
  • Share knowledge of the local area
  • Identify key individuals with a range of skills and knowledge
  • Establish broad community requirements of a new development


  • Building a database of local individuals’ skills and specialist knowledge
  • Identifying and mapping ‘assets’ in your community using our ‘sustainability framework’
  • Mapping the quality of place

Things you will need

  • A1 boards
  • coloured Post-it notes and sticky dots
  • blue-tack
  • coloured felt-tip pens
  • a large map of the local area
  • a sign-in sheet
  • refreshments including water, tea, coffee and biscuits

Before you get started

You will also need to have a rough idea of who your BIMBY Leadership Group will be. The Leadership group will lead on the creation of content for the Toolkit. You’ll confirm who they are in Activity 1a.

  • You will need to identify a Coordination Team for your first workshop — useful team members will include a note-taker, a leader, a photographer.
  • You need to have in mind a key group of individuals who will lead on the BIMBY journey (The BIMBY Leadership Team).
  • You will also need a picture or a map with your defined neighbourhood area on it.
  • You will need the contact details of your Local Authority or Parish Council planning officer and meet to discuss the BIMBY process.
  • You need to check if a Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared in the area and if so coordinate activities.

You should be able to find the details on your Local Authority’s website, under ‘planning’ or ‘planning policy’. It’s worth taking time now to note the contact details and see what they have on their site.

You will need to log in or register to view the full BIMBY Toolkit.


1a Identifying Community Skillsets
1b Rating Your Area
1c Mapping the Quality of Place

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